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Lone Star Parity Project is a non-partisan initiative dedicated to sharing the stories of women and femmes in Texas politics 

What is political parity? Parity, the idea that an equal number of represented ideas from various intersectional identities, stands as the backbone to the phrase "We the People". The Lone Star Parity project seeks to bring equality to politics in the State of Texas specifically for women and femmes aspiring to serve in public office, including both elected and appointed positions. 

Why is parity important in politics? Adding more women and femmes to the decision making process, that is elected office, utilizes their unique experiences and perspectives for a comprehensive understanding of how policies affect individuals. This is critical for decisions made by those in power on a spectrum of topics, but especially on the topic of women's issues.

Latest Features

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State of the Texas Woman

We produce a biannual report that takes a snapshot look at women in Texas politics. 

Parity stands for more than being equal... it is about being heard

Voting in Texas

Take a look at our voting headquarters. You can learn how to register, what is on your ballot, and where to vote.

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We are always looking to expand our network. Learn more about the ways you can get involved with Lone Star Parity Project. 

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