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State of the Texas Woman

We produce a biennial report that takes a snapshot look at women in Texas politics. 

Answering the call for political parity in Texas

We're combining never-before-seen data with the power of storytelling to get more women elected 


We humanize the stories of women+ involved in politics across Texas. Our features highlight the stories of elected officials, student activists, candidates, party affiliates, and non-profit leaders.


Our novel approach uses grassroots organizing to fill the data gap for women+ in local politics. We enumerate how many candidates file, run, and win local elected office in Texas. 

Parity stands for more than being equal... it is about being heard

What is political parity? 

The term “political parity” refers to an equal state of representation for intersectional women and femmes across all levels of government. We view an “equal state of representation” as a proportional number of women and men elected that actively represent the interests of the community from which they hail. Percentage wise, this would mean women serving at 50%.

Why is parity important? 

Adding more women+ to the political sphere increases the experiences and perspectives to the decision making process. As a policy maker, it is important to understand how a policy affects everyone.

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