Our Mission

Adrianna & Brooke

Lone Star Parity Project is advancing women+ in Texas politics by amplifying voices and magnifying research. Starting in the largest and most diverse battleground state, we are building a grassroots coalition and creating a blueprint for other states to follow.

Our Vision

Lone Star Parity Project is the leading entity to aggregate these numbers and stories statewide. Our novel approach builds the most comprehensive database of its kind that informs on regional differences of how many women file, run, and win public office. No one knows how many women and femmes make up the thousands of countywide, judicial, and municipal seats across 254 counties in Texas. By shedding light on all levels of government, we elevate the power of grassroots organizing to push women+ higher in their political careers and encourage others to step in.

Our Values

Our Story

Lone Star Parity Project Lone Star Parity Project was a concept crafted by founders Brooke López and Adrianna Maberry, both long-time residents of Texas. After running for city council in North Texas at the age of 18, Brooke realized that there were major components to a race for office that cannot easily be known without firsthand experience. Brooke began sharing her story of campaigning with others and realized that the “real-life” advice she was able to provide was extremely beneficial to new candidates. As a candidate, Brooke López also realized that women seeking public office found greater difficulty than their male counterparts. Spurred by this experience, Brooke published her undergraduate senior thesis “Women in Government: Comparison of Local and State Political Candidacy,” identifying a major gap in available data beyond statewide candidacies.

As fellow alum from the same alma mater (whoosh), Brooke partnered with data fanatic and GIS expert Adrianna Maberry under the Texas Civic Ambassador Program through the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life to conceive Lone Star Parity Project. This complementary duo began combining the value of firsthand experience with the power of data science to answer the question “How many women serve in local government?” By utilizing their specialties, Brooke and Adrianna have gathered a team of influential changemakers from across the State of Texas under the mission of sharing novel research, trends, and advice that informs the public on women’s representation in local politics.

Our Impact

Data points gathered over the past three election cycles
Women and femmes interviewed for full-length features
Organizations working with us in our Affiliate Network