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ETX Covered: Lone Star Parity Project

Our co-founder and Research Director Adrianna Maberry explains how we us our research to increase the number of women at all levels of politics in Texas.

Y’all-itics: Could gender parity help Texas lawmakers get more done

Our co-founders shared their insight on women+ in Texas politics following the 2020 election. Brooke and Adrianna talked about the recent, never-before-seen findings in the State of the Texas Woman 2021.

Salons to Inspire: Diversity in Data

Our co-founders joined the Movement Maker Tribe.“The numbers only get us so far in understanding… it strips away all the beauty and storytelling of what women bring to office.”-​ Adrianna Maberry

Coffee & Politics 101

Our co-founders Brooke and Adrianna discuss the status of women in Texas politics on Coffee and Politics 101, a local North Texas broadcast.

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Lone Star Parity Project works to amplify women+ voices in Texas politics

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Meet Brooke López & Adrianna Maberry

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The movement to get women involved in politics

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Episode 46: Lone Star Parity Project

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EPPS Alumnae Lead The Lone Star Parity Project

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When you hit a breaking point, how will you respond?

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The Mercury

Graduate helps create non-profit

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Political equality for Texas Women

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SHESpeaks: The Lone Star Parity Project

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Comets team up to boost women in politics

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Women and democracy in Texas: Winning the right to vote was only half the battle

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On the Dot Woman

How to advocate for women of color in politics

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Aspiring Texas politician talks diversity, criminal justice reform

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Opinion Pieces

As a team, we produce relevant research to the community. Occasionally, we present our research findings and written features in opinion pieces for local news outlets. Below are our published articles.

Why storytelling could be the key to getting more women elected "We noticed that the information we were seeking about the day-to-day campaign operations were intertwined with each individual candidate’s story — we were gathering information that was untapped. For example: when a woman runs for office in El Paso, her advice for successful campaigns can look drastically different from the advice we hear out of Dallas."
Want to communicate data better? Try the power of storytelling "Interventions that focus on electing women are rarely expanded beyond the federal level. Programs don’t cater their tactics to unique regions or even states, but instead, introduce nationwide practices to get more women elected. An updated approach that tackles the obstacles preventing women candidates from running and winning on a localised level is needed."
Collin County voters must begin opening their ballots to the possibility of diversity "While Collin County leads the Lone Star state in gender parity, the county falls behind in other avenues of diverse representation. In the 2016 Presidential election, voters turned the county purple with 58% of residents voting Republican and 41% of residents voting Democratic yet there are currently zero Democratic elected officials; all countywide officials are Republican."
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