Nonpartisanship Statement

Lone Star Parity Project is a 501(c)(3) organization that takes a nonpartisan approach to helping more women+ get elected in Texas.

What does being nonpartisan mean?
Nonpartisan is defined as not being biased towards any political party. As a nonpartisan organization, Lone Star Parity Project is dedicated to sharing all stories and viewpoints. However, we will not provide a platform to views, beliefs, and ideologies that are steeped in hatred or animus. We reserve the right to remove information previously published on our website if we determine that a viewpoint has since manifested in hatred, even if that was not the intended or original message. We maintain these principles to create an environment where different viewpoints can be shared freely.

What about the partisanship of our Staff, Advisors, Affiliates, and volunteers?
We ask any individual associated with Lone Star Parity Project to sign a Nonpartisanship Agreement. This Agreement requires that our folks remain nonpartisan when working with us or representing our organization. Individuals are free to maintain their partisan views outside of their work with our organization.

For our Affiliates, we currently only collaborate with other nonpartisan organizations, both nationwide and within Texas. However, we plan to work with partisan organizations equally in the future and provide partisan resources to our readers. This next step will continue to maintain our nonpartisan principles.