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Adrienne Bell: Being bold and courageous

Updated: Apr 22, 2024

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A Houstonian throughout her life, Adrienne Bell is Texas’ 14th Congressional District candidate. Her passion transcends her work — from her circle of friends to her district community. She is passionate about addressing the issues that significantly affect our lives — from education to healthcare — Adrienne wants to provide the proper representation in her community as a Black woman and a representative that no other person of color has done before.

As a second grade school teacher and a single parent, Adrienne saw the issues that were not easily addressed. Oftentimes, we ask ourselves, “what are we supposed to do?” when we face challenges and issues that get in our way of life because we don’t have the proper means to overcome these difficulties. Thus, Adrienne became an advocate and a believer for getting things done in the right way. For instance, there was a lack of bus route for her son’s elementary school and she felt that this needed to be addressed and answered. As a result, she petitioned to have a bus route done and started in her school district.

This exposure to community involvement has led Adrienne to be more civically engaged over time. One of the things that further developed her interest in a political career was when she became highly involved with “Organizing For America” (OFA) an organizer that led to the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012. But it was not until she became the Deputy Field Director for Battleground Texas when she realized that she can pursue a career in politics as an elected official.

As a Black woman running for Congress, Adrienne Bell is strongly committed to listen and act on her community’s concerns. She firmly believes that Congress should ensure that healthcare is a right for the nation’s citizens, families should obtain greater financial stability, and high-quality education is accessible to all.

From this, Adrienne Bell exudes passion and boldness in all of the things she does. She is passionate because she wants what is best for her community and she is bold because she is willing to stand up for what is right and be an advocate for people who may not have the means to voice their concerns. In fact, her advice to young women who aspire to be in leadership positions is to tell ourselves, “I am courageous” because we should strive to never be afraid to express ourselves and to go after the things we truly care about. Having a small-knit group of friends that can be silly and brutally honest to each other is Adrienne’s biggest support system because they know what we may not know.

What’s next for Adrienne? Well, she will win the election for the people of District 14 then address climate change, homelessness, affordable housing, education, and healthcare. She will become the first Black woman to represent the district because no person of color has represented the district.

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