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Jaimy Blanco: Uplifting people beyond their surrounding circumstances

Updated: Apr 22, 2024

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Born and raised in the Greater Houston area, Jaimy Blanco is a businesswoman and a Republican U.S. House of Representatives candidate for Texas’ 29th Congressional District. Her passion is to be the voice for the people and represent them.

Growing up in a community with a high rate of high school dropouts and drug addictions, Jaimy saw the despair in the people around her where this led to finding her purpose and passion in life — to uplift the people beyond their surrounding circumstances. Jaimy fulfilled her purpose through various opportunities that made significant differences in her community. For instance, she has been a member of The Church Triumphant in Pasadena, Texas where she was a bible quiz coach. Furthermore, one of her aspirations was to be a missionary where she attended University of Houston for education in English as a second language (ESL) and graduated from Purpose Institute with her bachelor’s in biblical studies. While she was in college, she worked as a leasing agent for an apartment complex and obtained her real-estate license. Accomplishing these things were not the stopping point for Jaimy as she went on to invest in multi-family real estate in order to serve in ministry full-time where she travels around the globe to serve and speak at churches and orphanages.

As a current realtor and real estate investor, Jaimy believes that hard work and faith are important to achieve the American dream. In fact, her investments in real estate led Jaimy to retire at the age of 33 and used the finances gained from investments as her passive income. Moreover, Jaimy empowers her community by offering training classes to fight property taxes, English, real estate investment, credit repair, and financial management.

Not only does she bring financial knowledge and skills to her community, she also provides greater difference through policies. She was inspired by a college government class professor to make a difference through laws and saw many issues that needed to be fixed in the system like rising costs of prescription drugs and human trafficking. Through her platform, she hopes to impact the lives of many people and inspire the next generation.

Through faith, Jaimy’s advice to young women is to trust the process and be a voice for God by speaking what God has put in our hearts and sending the message across humanity. Jaimy’s faith is her biggest resource for support and guidance while pursuing a political career. As she serves people in Congress, she aspires to increase her real estate portfolio and get married to have twins and adopt four children.

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Jaimy Blanco with her supporters

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