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Molly Lubbock: An activist for special education

Updated: Apr 23, 2024

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Molly Lubbock is currently running for a position on the Falls City ISD Board of Trustees. She has been an integral part of Falls City ISD for over 12 years, having taught in the Special Education department of the school system, and is currently serving as the Director of Special Education for the Brush Country Special Education Cooperative working with nine school districts in South Texas for the last five years.

Lubbock was born in San Antonio and was raised in LaVernia, Texas in a conservative, Catholic family. Growing up, she remembers local, state, and national elections nights being broadcasted on the TVs in her home but didn’t realize the importance of the elections at the time. She grew up the distant descendent of Francis Lubbock, the ninth Governor of Texas, making politics a sort of birthright; little did she know she would one day stand for election.

Working in the school systems has always been a passion of Lubbock’s, specifically teaching students with disabilities, and is the reason that she is seeking a position on the Falls City ISD Board of Trustees. When she left teaching to work in administration, she wanted to, “keep the legacy of exemplary academics at the schools”. She finds it incredibly important to surround students of all ages with good teachers and resources for help, and a goal of hers is to, “keep small town ideals in the district”, by retaining these exemplary teachers. Lubbock realized the best way for her to do this was in a position on the Board of Trustees.

Lubbock has lived her life as a self-motivator, striving to be a good role model for her daughter. While raising her daughter as a single mother, she sought to fight back against any stigma related to being a single mother by gaining multiple degrees, including her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership, which she is currently in her final semester of.

When asked what the greatest issue she sees facing her community, Lubbock replied that it is maintaining the safe, stable learning environment that Falls City ISD prides itself on being. In order to do this, the school district must retain their wonderful teachers, while also maintaining rigorous educational standards. Clearly Lubbock is up to the challenge, as seen in her history and continued passion for the district. For any women wanting to pursue a career in politics and activism, Lubbock advises that they just, “go for it”, to, “make ideas and passions known”. These pieces of advice have aided Lubbock in her successful career in the school system and continues to do so in her election for Board of Trustees.

Through her prolific career in the Falls City ISD special education department and her continued passion for the maintenance of this district, Molly Lubbock has truly made her mark as a role model and activist for education. You can reach Molly at

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