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Meet Our Team

Below are the influential individuals who accomplish the day-to-day work within the Lone Star Parity Project. These are the folks out in the field, bringing the stories of women across Texas to life. These are the change-makers who transform this dream into a reality.

Brooke López

Co-founder & Features Director

Brooke López is a graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas and second year student at UNT Dallas College of Law. In her published thesis, Brooke analyzed the gap in parity for women in politics. She has a misbehaved cat named Albus.

Adrianna Maberry

Co-founder & Research Director

Adrianna Maberry received her Master's from the University of Texas at Dallas.  She is continually looking for ways to incorporate her two passions, data and politics. She lives in Washington, D.C.​

Taylor Bloom

Research Analyst

Taylor Bloom graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Business Economics. As a UTD Transfer Mentor, Taylor helps empower students to reach their goals. He is passionate about econ development, and human rights.

Olivia Kale

Research Analyst

Olivia Kale graduated from Texas A&M studying Urban & Regional Planning.  She is a founding member of a special interest group for high speed rail and has led projects in community development.

Anna Taglioli

Research Analyst

Anna Taglioli goes to Southern Methodist University, triple majoring in World Languages, Intern'l Studies, and Human Rights. As a Pre-Law Scholar, she plans to attend law school and serve those who are powerless.

Kristin Teplansky

Research Analyst

Kristin Teplansky is a PhD student at University of Texas at Dallas studying communication science and disorders. She hopes to inspire women scientists to become  more politically active.

Kaitlin Briggs


Kaitlin Briggs graduated from Texas Woman's University with a B.S. in Gov't and English and currently attends Penn State Law. Her passions include policymaking, focused on access to healthcare and criminal justice reform.​

Annie Counts


Annie Counts, a Houston native, is a graduate from Texas A&M where she studied communication and sociology. She attends Texas A&M University's School of Law, where she advocates for marginalized communities.

Mariana Covarrubias


Mariana Covarrubias is a student at University of Oklahoma studying Intern'l Development and Entrepreneurship. Her passions include advocating for immigration and human rights. She plans to run for office on day.

Katie Hicken


Katie Hicken is a graduate of UT Tyler, majoring in Political Science. As founder of PERIOD at UT Tyler and proudly queer, Katie is passionate about women's issues and LGBTQ rights and equality. She plans to attend law school.

Emily Ivey Bloom


Emily Ivey Bloom is a graduate of UT Tyler and current student at University of Texas Law School. She hopes to become a criminal public defender and later run for office.

Madison Jobe


Madison Jobe graduated from UT Tyler studying Political Science, Inter'l Relations, and English Studies. She is passionate about advocating for human rights, and facilitating change within immigration law. She looks to attend law school in the near future.

Theresa Simmons


Theresa Simmons is a student at the University of Texas at Tyler, majoring in Political Science and minoringin Social Studies and Philosophy. She aspires to play a role in the promotion of women in politics.

Natalie Thomas


Natalie graduated with her Master of Arts in Political Science from UT Arlington, where her focus was on American social policy. She worked on the Warren for President campaign, where she promoted progressive policies.

Jordyn Weber


Jordyn graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Political Science and currently attends South Texas College of Law Houston. She is passionate about human rights and national security law in the U.S. She hopes to be the president one day.

Want to join this team of change makers? Learn more about our opportunities here.

America Guillen

High School Student Intern

American Guillen is a senior at Brookhaven Early College High School in Carrolton-Farmer's Branch School District. She has plans to become a teacher one day. America aspires to help undocumented immigrants moving to the U.S.

Imma Lugtu

Graduate Student Intern

Imma Lugtu is a graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. She is currently pursuing her MHA and MBA at Texas Woman's University. She is passionate about affordable healthcare.

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